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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Survey report Early childhood education

The purpose of the survey presents the result of a survey on early childhood education. The goal of the survey was to determine the acquaintance of early chilhood and their way of thinking about this.
The survey sample consisted of collecting the data in the site of and analyzing it. The number of respondents is twelve anonymous people, male or female. The survey contained six multiple-choice questions and four essay questions.
The responses show the acquaintance of early childhood is more enriching then I thought. The majority of responses are true, because the respondents answered that the early education is a profession ans it is useful to have a technical qualification to work in a day car center. But half of the respondents, don't know what early childhood education is.
The results demonstrate that most people have a good idea about early childhood education. Many people if they have a child will go to a day care center because 70% said the day care center follows the Canadian food guide ans 80% said that is good for the developmant of children. The answer of question nine:Do you think that men have their place in early childhood education? is particular because 95% said the men have their place in the day care center especially for the young boy. For the question three: Will your children go in a daycare center or a nursery?, a majority of people don't know what law 124 is because the law affects the early childhood educators especially and is not mentioned in the TV or newspapers Early childhood education appers to be a good thing for child development.
The survey confirms that early chilhood education is the good thing for children. Most people are well informed about early childhood educators. But some results are difficult to analyze because the respondents are anonymous and I don't know what the men think about this subject.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Early Childhood Education Survey

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The city of my childhood

The City of my childhood is Montreal. In this city, there are many places you can visit such as the Just for Laughs Festival and Montreal High Lights Festival. First of all, the Just for Laughs Festival, is a festival where you can watch a many comedians. There are two thousand spectacle, but one thousand six hundred are free. This festival beginning at July 1st and finishing July 31th, 2006. This event takes place at the Latin Quarter. Finally, the Montreal High Lights Festival be there for 7th edition. It’s beginning February 16th and finishing February 26th, 2006. There are many free activities like : skating, horse-drawn carriage at the Old Port of Montreal.